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Do you know/remember the name of this one post-apocalyptic fic? It starts with Rachel trapped at school (I think) and Quinn ha just died. I remember Rachel makes it to a safe zone where Santana, carrying whatever infection is plaguing the world, is employed to help run for supplies. And I think at some point Rachel becomes a teacher to the camp.
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Pezberry Week 2014!


Hi everyone! This is just a quick reminder post that Pezberry Week is happening again! We just need a couple more people to offer dates to choose from, so if you have a suggestion, go ahead and leave it in the ask box. (And if you could pass this around to spread the word, that would be wonderful.) Thanks! 

Favorite Pezberry fics? :)



Oh Lord, I saw this coming. :) Again, Completed only and by no means comprehensive. Also, these authors are qualities so that means they usually have more pezberry fics if you check out their complete works. 

Getting Laid, Getting Lucky by Ly Merrick
Puck throws a lot of parties. Sometimes Santana gets Rachel really confused. And then things start to come together. 

Treasure Maps by Ly Merrick 
Santana’s living in New York, producing a Jazz album. Rachel lives in New York and is a big Broadway star. The two run into each other years after high school at a gay bar, of all places.

Resolution by Ly Merrick 
In which Santana and Rachel have never met, until Rachel Berry is at her wits’ end and living in New York. Depressed!Rachel falls in love. 

I Just Do by Alaskalane 
Santana is a terrible roommate, but Rachel kind of loves it.

After the Glitter Fades by Vivi Dahlin
Four years after graduation, Rachel & Santana have made it to NYC. One’s a singing waitress, the other an exotic dancer. Reunited by chance, they form a quick and unexpected bond that changes their lives drastically.

Coming Home by Astano 
AU: When Rachel agrees to return to McKinley for a few weeks to tutor Santana Lopez, things don’t turn out exactly how she expects.

When this bad old world has crumbled I’ll be standing at your side. by thecrackshiplollipop (it’s got one chapter left, that counts, right?) 
Three stupid teenagers raising a baby in New York. What could go wrong?

If you’re looking for the right direction, then darling look for me. by thecrackshiplollipop 
Santana never went home to reconcile with Brittany, instead she moves to New York, where she ends up spending most of her time with Rachel (and Kurt) despite not living with them. Feels happen. The events in “I Do” obviously never happened.

Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed by thememoriesfire 
The series follows Santana for the next 3 years and covers, loosely, her coming out process in junior year of high school (Five Stages), her last year of high school and her hang-up on Brittany (The Lights That Stop Me), her freshman year of college in New York, in which she tries to move on with her life (Blind With Casualties), and her sophomore year in college, during which time she actually moves on (We Started Secret Plans).

Couldn’t Land it by ckeller48 
It takes Rachel too long to realize that she loved Santana all along. Because once Dani shows up, she knows she’ll never win her heart. Focus is primarily on Pezberry, but there is some Dantana here.

(You and Me) We Could Be Made for This by pensieri 
A crush is all well and good, but finding yourself falling for your friend is a whole different matter.

This One’s Gonna Leave A Mark by rockinrye
She’d like to say that she’s forgotten about the girl, but she hasn’t.

it’s true (you were meant for me, and i you) by rockinrye  
They don’t hate each other. Not even a little bit. Not anymore.

Broken Sinks & Bountiful Baking by CorvusCorvidae
Santana’s new roommate has a special knack for baking and breaking furniture. Somehow, these traits become endearing, rather than annoying.

leave a rose for what might’ve been by waywardcherry 
There is not much I can say. Only that this part of my dreams is coming true, I have the best woman in the world and I am dying tonight. I shall enter immortality at 8:25 this evening.

The End Depends Upon the Beginning by lazarus_girl 
Rachel Berry, newly arrived in New York from Massachusetts, has a neat, fixed idea of what her college experience will be. That idea, and her world, is turned on its head when she crosses paths with her new roommate, Santana Lopez.

drowning in your dizzy noise by timorous_scribe 
Santana and Rachel, three fail-starts and one take-off. Assumes events up to 4x17 ‘Guilty Pleasures.’

strike us like matches by ratherembarrassing 
The lack of walls makes them all a little loose with basic manners.

Louisville to Lemonade by HeadCannon
Santana can’t help that she comes across as judgmental. Truth is, she wouldn’t come across as judgmental if other people didn’t suck at first impressions and come across as backwoods yokels who are betrothed to their first cousins (hypothetically).

Bored with Sin by grdnofevrythng 
Sometimes all you need is some drunken logic and the perfect song to eye-fuck a person to.

Baby, you can sleep while I dream by astano 
She’s just being a good friend, is all. The last thing she ever expects is to end up caring for the kid—and his mom, which is about a hundred times more worrying.

Breeding lilacs out of the dead land by thedisassociation 
"And I will show you something different from either your shadow at morning striding behind you or your shadow at evening rising to meet you." A post-apocalyptic AU.

See This Is Exactly What Happens by smc-27 
"I dragged my ass all the way to Bushwick to hang out with you. Least you can do is wait for the elevator. I’m not walking up all those stairs today."

stole your heart and your pillows by smc-27
She gives Santana one last look and heads for the checkout line, and Santana doesn’t honestly know why a straight woman with a kid just looked at her like that, but fuck. She doesn’t really care, either.


Gifting (One-Shot)


Pairing: Pezberry

Synopsis: Rachel comes home early for the holidays to a lonely Santana, bearing gifts.

A/N: This turned smutty real fast, but it’s sentimental as well.  Sorry I haven’t been around in some time — my computer is acting up so it’s rare that I can sit down and write these days.  I hope you all enjoy and have very happy holidays!

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I wrote a thing!


This one shot; was written as an apology for my girlfriend after I rained on her parade about Naya’s Rachel and Santana kissing tweet. But there is also Dantana, Rachel/Dani and hints of Faberry.


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in your headcannon who proposes to whom?


It happens kind of on accident, actually. They’ve been together for three years when the same play they saw together on their first date is showing again. New theatre, new cast, but the same one. Santana is not a total failure in the romance department and manages to make reservations for the same restaurant they had dinner at, too.

They’re a little more well off than three years ago, and definitely more famous, so the restaurant is definitely at the lowest end of low key. There are no paparazzi there, and Rachel is so relieved to just hold Santana’s hand at the dinner table without getting a text from Kurt letting her know TMZ has a picture of them on the internet already.

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She’s totally embarrassed that Rachel called her mom to come help after her surgery. It’s not like she won’t be totally ambulatory. But, apparently, since Rachel has a show the day after Santana gets her wisdom teeth removed, she thinks it’s important Santana have a babysitter.

At least it’s not Kurt, who would probably make a Vine of her high on pain medication and then her acting career would be done before she even gets to film the pilot of this new show she landed.

Which, this dumb show is why she’s even having the surgery in the first place. They start filming in a month and the pain in her jaw was almost excruciating, so she sucked it up and got the procedure done.

The cab ride home is a blur. She remembers Rachel holding her hand, the cabbie singing along to Uncle Kracker on the radio, and then her mom helping her out of the car. 

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Every Sweet-Imagined Possibility


Written for Pooh for the FaberryCon Fanfiction Fundraiser Project. Prompt: Pezberry shower smut.


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This was literally written today as an early birthday gift for my girlfriend; who is probably the only person I will ever write Pezberry for. Happy birthday baby; I hope you like it and I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow.


My first ever attempt at writing romantic Pezberry so I hope I do them justice. This story came from a prompt for the Faberrycon Fanfiction Fundraiser Project and the buyer/reader has agreed that I can share it with all of the Pezberry fandom as well as any other fandom if they’re so inclined.

So enjoy!

For more information on the Faberrycon Fic fundraiser please check it out by following the link below. And if you’re interested in maybe having a customized fic written by an amazing author there are still plenty of authors and slots available. So go check it out and help support Faberrycon. Thank you!

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Title: The End Depends Upon the Beginning.
Pairing: Santana/Rachel.
Rating: Mature/Explicit.
Word Count: 5,034 words. 
Notes: Prompt fill for the GGSM. AU. This was a lot of fun to write, not least because I got to write new backstory for Santana and Rachel both, and incorporate other characters in different ways than we ordinarily see in canon. The title of the story is a translation of Phillips Academy’s motto: ‘Finis Origine Pendet.’ Phillips is also referenced throughout. Thank you, as ever, to @cargoes for her beta skills and cheerleading. 
Summary: Rachel Berry, newly arrived in New York from Massachusetts, has a neat, fixed idea of what her college experience will be. That idea, and her world, is turned on its head when she crosses paths with her new roommate, Santana Lopez. 

“It wasn’t that she didn’t have friends in high school, but those friends were nothing like Santana Lopez.”

100 Simple Rules For Dating My Hobbit - Pezberry - Fanfiction
Final Encounters (One-Shot/Little Encounters Sequel)


Pairing: Rachel/Santana

Synopsis: In Little Encounters, Rachel’s little vow of silence revealed certain desires that Santana had. Eventually, they had sex in Mercedes bathroom, but now it’s been a month since Santana’s had anything to do with Rachel and the diva realizes she’s going to have to amp up her game in order to get Santana’s attention – and keep it for good. (This is, by the way, a one-shot and the final continuation of Little Encounters.)

Author’s Note: Lyrics in this one-shot are from The Civil Wars’ song, “To Whom It May Concern.” I decided to finally get around to doing this continuation because more than one person has requested that the original one-shot be continued. Normally I leave one-shots be, and let them stand on their own, but I realized there was more story after the end of the last. This truly is the only continuation of Little Encounters, and hopefully it satisfies the desire you all had to see the story out fully.

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